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THE GREAT BOT BOX GIVEAWAY I’m going to give away a BOT BOX. Want to win? Tell me on this blog post.  That’s all.  It’s worth over $100, and it contains everything I’ve done in the past 12 or so years, including: Welcome to Postwar USA CD Against all odds single The sky EP botkiller [...]


Nice, got my client, Twitten, to Google first page for a great search term, above even a site with the exact name of their search term. I like being good at what I do.

Share Voting has begun for the burlesque top 50 of 2012, and I would very much appreciate your voting for my fiancé, Joy Coy, burlesque noir, myself (this also includes industry figures in burlesque, which, believe it or not, I am), and any other performers or troupes you’ve enjoyed this year (there are many!). If [...]

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Here’s the deal, folks. No matter who goes into office, NOTHING will change unless YOU do something. NO ONE will “give” you jobs. No one will do anything for you. YOU have to do something for you. Want more jobs? Go to school, or start a company, and work for yourself. Go into your community [...]