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5,300 streams on Eternify has equaled $24 for my album, Welcome to Postwar USA. Five. Thousand. Plays. So, let’s talk about this. A payout on Spotify for one play is $0.005. That’s not even a penny, kids. Firstly – Eternify was made by someone to stream 30 seconds of an artist’s song, which is the [...]

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Hey everyone, I want to thank you if you’ve pre-ordered my new record, “In Case of Revolution”. I assure you, I’m working on finishing it.  It ‘s been a bit of a battle, between losing some source material, and life been rather insane for awhile. O know it was supposed to be out a long [...]


Apple recently announced Apple Music, yet another streaming music service, which costs $10 a month and will give you “All the music in the world”. Well, not ALL  of it, since Taylor Swift called them out on their bullshit. What bullshit, you ask? Turns out, Apple was planning on not paying artists with their music [...]