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Ableton 9 leaked video
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Ableton Live 9 EQ eight

So Ableton apparently leaked a video of new devices in Ableton Live 9, and then promptly pulled the video down from their Youtube channel.  The video has been reposted quite a few times, you’ll find it below.  Users like myself have been waiting for Ableton 9 for quite some time, so the possibility of a new update, likely to come (I would guess) at winter NAMM 2013, is pretty interesting.

The devices shown in the video don’t offer a whole lot, so far; mostly new designs to the compressor, a new compressor, and re-vamped EQ eight.

I’ve been thinking for awhile what I want in Ableton 9; Ableton had said some time ago that they weren’t planing any major updates for the workstation for awhile, so I’d resigned myself to using what I was given.  I’d have to say that what I’d really like is multiple screen view for those of us who work on multi-monitor setups.  I’d also like to see the grid revamped a bit, with the ability to auto-mark a certain number of bars, such as being able to see every fourth bar highlighted – this would be really useful for arranging tracks.  I don’t have much else that I’d wish for, but it will be interesting to see what else Ableton has up their sleeve.

So, what do you think about a new Ableton version?


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