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ALL AGES show tomorrow (5/6)! Vertigo Venus will be doing MORE STUFF we’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE!
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Hi everyone,

Last night, we closed a set in a way we’ve never done before. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing more amazing things we’ve never done, as we play with ABQ local rockers Shoulder Voices for their ALL AGES CD release @ Revlis gallery at 712 Central .SE in Albuquerque:

This show is ALL AGES, with a $3 cover and A FREE CD from shoulder voices! Check them out here:

Also, in the next week, you’ll start to see a lot of cool new stuff from us, as we gear up for our very own CD release of our NEW CD!

On May 17th, we’ll be opening for the RED ELVISES at Corazon in Santa fe – sure to be a great gig… come out! Info is here:

We’re also selling tickets RIGHT NOW for our upcoming gig with SLICK IDIOT on June 1st. Slick Idiot features former members of KMFDM and PIGFACE. This is going to be the show to kick off the summer with! Get your tickets from us for only FIVE DOLLARS! Email us at vertigovenus at gmail dot com to purchase!

There’s plenty more good stuff coming, so please do keep your eye on our calendar and beyond… 20ten is the year of VERTIGO VENUS!



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