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Hi all,

I’m selling a bunch of stuff from my time in Vertigo Venus. All of this is stuff I used while onstage at various shows.  The prices are negotiable, so if you see something you like, contact me to offer a price, or use the paypal link to purchase it now.  All of this stuff can be signed, if you are interested, or I can leave it unsigned; entirely up to you.  I will also include a copy of my CD, “Welcome to Postwar USA”, and stickers and other surprise goodies, with your purchase.

I can ship to the US for cheap, but if you’re outside the US, we’ll need to work out shipping, as that will be more. Contact me if you’re outside the US before purchasing!

Item #1: Zildjian K Dark Crash, Medium thin cymbal, signed by cEvin key and Justin Bennett

This Cymbal was played in Vertigo Venus and Diverje, and was played onstage with Skinny Puppy on their “In Solvent See” tour, where I played with Diverje in Albuquerque, NM, on the Sunshine theater stage.

The cymbal is signed by cEvin Key and Justin Bennett (drums).  It is cracked in multiple places, so I can’t vouch for its playability.  This cymbal probably saw around 200+ live shows opening for many other national touring acts, as well.  It was used on the Vertigo Venus record, “SOS”.

I am asking $100 OBO – to make an offer, please email me at brian at fwank dot net.  To purchase, click the Paypal link below.


Item #2: My front drum head from my DDRUM Dominion 20×20 kick drum

 This is the drum head I played on my Ddrum kit for a couple years, this drumhead was on stage with a number of touring acts, including the Red Elvises, Captured by Robots, and many more.  It was hand stenciled with the Vertigo Venus logo.

Asking $50 OBO.  To purchase, click the paypal button, or email me to make an offer.


Item #3: Zildjian K custom dark crash 18″ cymbal 

 This cymbal is super fucked, cracked all over, but was onstage with me for over 200 shows, with many touring acts, played in Diverje and Vertigo Venus.  I played this cymbal onstage with acts such as Imperative Reaction, Skinny Puppy, Red Elvises, and many, many more.  This is also the cymbal I once famously cut myself open on during a show, and bled most everywhere, while still playing.

The cymbal is not very playable, but is a good collector’s item.  I am asking $75 OBO.  Contact me to make an offer, or purchase below.




Item #4: The Evans snare head I played in my last Vertigo Venus show 

This was the drumhead I played in my final show with Vertigo Venus, onstage at Amped performance space in Albuquerque.  My original plan was to smash this head, attached to my snare drum, over my head. I ended up destroying this drumhead about six songs in. Needless to say, it saw a good few shows, and fell prey to the force that is brian botkiller.

I’m asking $20 OBO.  Buy using paypal link, or make me an offer via email.




Item #5: The first drumstick I played with Vertigo Venus

This was the first drumstick I played in Vertigo Venus – the other was broken. It is a Trilok Gurtu signature stick, probably saw 50 or so shows, before I switched to AHEAD drumsticks.

Asking $10 OBO.




Item #6: Various setlists 

These are all real setlists from sets played onstage. I can’t say which shows they’re from, as, well, I just don’t know.  But if you’re interested, choose one, or just purchase, and I can send you a surprise one :)


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