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December 12th, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BRIAN BOTKILLER ANNOUCES THE “BOT BOX” ANTHOLOGY BOX SET (ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO) brian botkiller, electronic musician and producer, has announced the release of the BOT BOX, an anthology and collection of his works from 2002 to present.   The limited edition box set Includes brian’s first CD, “The Sky [...]

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Hey all,   Tomorrow, I will be doing a workshop on Ableton Live at QUELAB (1122 2nd st., Albuquerque, NM), for “Music of the Electrons”, a showcase of electronic music creationism and information. I speak at 7pm, the event is $10, and there will be lots of good stuff about electronic music and other goodies! [...]

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Came across this on the web today – thought it was right up the alley of UGtrax Cementimental – Untitled Harsh Noise Graphic Novel I think this looks just awesome. I’d have to sit down and read it while listening to some Converter or something of that like Check out and buy it here:

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Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that the software synthesizer I did sound design for in the KVR 2009 Developer Challenge, FMMF by Delamancha, has taken 3rd place in the competition! I’m super proud. Download it for Windows here: Thanks to all those who voted for the synth! It means a lot.

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I’m very happy to have been the sound designer for FMMF, a new synthesizer by DeLaMancha, for entry into the KVR audio 2009 Developer Challenge, which challenges synth developers to create a new, challenging synthesizer and offer it up for free for chances to win prizes! I encourage you to check out this synth, and [...]