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Enlightenment over Entitlement – A look at Animal Rights vs. “Human rights”
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Recently I brought to light, on my Facebook feed, that I believe that killing animals or sport is disgusting (as I often do).  As per usual, I have had people ask me how my position applies to animals that “infringe” upon my existence, are “pesky” (AKA, Rats, Wolves, and other creatures), and where I draw the line on hunting or killing an animal in general.  This prompted me to write this small post.

Let me tell you my position, and that which I believe the human race would be better off if it adopted a minutia of this process; I believe animals are the same as me.  I believe they deserve the same treatment as that which we supposedly say humans deserve.  I believe that we treat animals the way we do because of two things; privilege and entitlement, both of which do nothing for the growth of a species.  I believe that we treat animals the way we do  because they don’t speak English, and so killing them and treating them as a lesser species is easier.  I think if a non-human animal spoke English, you’d think different about killing it, trapping it, or eating it.  I do not see ANY animal as a “pest”.  A position of “animals are pesky and therefore should be killed” is the same mindset which has been applied by dictators to people they’ve killed; they’re in your way, so you remove them with force, because your privilege and entitlement (which is typically based on either religious fallacy or egotistical and moral falsehoods) says you can.  Humans look at animals as lesser than them because they do not speak a language we understand, and because we believe (falsely) that we are superior because of our usage of tools, language, or anything else which has been created and used  by about 20% of the human race to further the whole of it.  I do not believe that killing a creature because it “infringes upon your land” is a right.  It is not. The animal was there before you.  That exact same mentality has been used by countless factions of the human race to take something from another creature throughout history.  I do not subscribe to, nor believe, that I am superior to another race or creature because of the invisible privilege which I inherited by being born as I am.  I think the world would be better off if everyone were to see at least a little bit of this in their life.  I do not expect the average person to adopt any of it, yet I will continue to make my position known, and I will stand by it.

I do not eat meat.  I strive to not eat anything which is derived from a non-human Animal’s existence.  I do this because I do not believe that my existence needs to infringe upon that of another.  I understand that no matter what, my existence in some way harms another; that is the unfortunate nature of existence.  I do all I can to minimize that, every day.  Call it Veganism, call it a religious belief, call it anything you like; just don’t expect me to believe that it’s wrong because you believe it is your “right” to remove a creature from this planet simply because you think you’re superior to it.  You are not.  You need to get over that shit. If aliens came from the sky tomorrow, and said they were superior to you, enslaved you, used you for meat and milk and other by-products, and did so under the pretense of rights, entitlement, and superiority, you would fight it, and you would believe it is wrong.  I believe that this is the same stance we have taken on the animal race, and it is wrong.  Period.

And what about that word, “rights”? I do not believe in “rights” as we define them by human standards.  The rights that we claim everyday are rights we refer to having been put on a piece of paper by men we never knew, and they do not give us the right to do the things we do.   I do not, nor have I ever, used the term “It is my right” to stake my position on something.  I do not believe a piece of paper gives, or takes away, rights.  I believe that as a species, one of hundreds, which exists on this planet, I have a purpose and a duty to treat all species appropriately as  is only sensible as a creature who strives to survive on this planet, having had no say in being put onto it.  Citing your “rights” to do something does not make you superior.  It affords you a position of superiority which you often did not have to fight for.  There are plenty of factions of the human race still fighting for even basic rights.  The fact that you inherited rights and privilege does not give you the purpose to misuse that power.

We need to evolve as a species.  We need to stop believing we are superior to others, human and non-human alike.  We need to grow, be educated, and move towards enlightenment, rather than entitlement.


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