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Excerpt from “The Big Shiny Prison” about me
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This was written about me in “The Big Shiny Prison”, by Ryan Bartek.  I felt some need to post it.  I dunno.


“Someone tried to kill me once. My car broke down 15 miles outside Albuquerque one night, like
3am. I used a phone at a hotel off the highway, and my friend and I decided to walk to town to get
cigarettes. This guy pulls up in this huge truck — it’s like 8 feet off the ground. He’s yelling at us,
just yelling at us. ’Hey white boy!’ And this is a white guy. He’s like, ‘Where you from?’ and we
say, “We’re not from around here.’”
“I guess he didn’t like that so he revs his engine, spins his truck around, and comes right
at us. We jump over the side-railing and he slams into it missing us by inches. He’s driving right
alongside us as we’re running, there’s no moon that night, its dark as shit, I lose my friend, and
just fall ten feet down a ditch. I smash my head against the side of the ditch and land on my knee,
and I think I passed out for ten seconds. I heard his truck go by, and I realized my left knee was
“So this guy is pulling into this field coming back to find us. We ran a half mile back
towards the hotel and I’m running on my broken knee and this guy is trying to run us down. We
get back and we’re banging on the door, we wake up the keeper and he lets us in. The truck pulls
into the parking lot and the dude’s just sitting there, just waiting for us. We call the cops. They
don’t show for who knows how long, and this guys’ just sitting out there.”
“The cop shows up and immediately looks at me. My leg was all destroyed, bleeding all
over the place in a real bad way. He laughs at me. I’m like, ‘what’s so funny?’ He’s like,
‘Nothing, nothing.’ I tell him the story and he tells me, ‘I’ve gone out there and I’ve talked to him.
He said that you guys were trying to mess with his ATV.’ He didn’t even file a report, he didn’t do
anything. So that was awesome. Then I asked him for a ride to my car and he says he can’t do it.
My first solo gig and a broken knee…”

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