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Hey, idiot. Making music COSTS MONEY.
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Some moron recently said this in response to This Article:

When are they going to give it up. Downloading music is not stealing because there isn’t anything to steal. There isn’t anything lost and most people, like me, wouldn’t even listen to music if it wasn’t available for free on the internet or youtube. (excuse me, I pay for netflix)

If people truly believe that music and movies are art, then why shouldn’t they be available for free? As an artist, I would love for people to see my work. If I wrote a song and 10,000 people downloaded it, I would be honored. It isn’t about the artists anymore…

To which I had to reply with this:

In response to YRaz:
Er, no.  There IS something to steal, kid.  Do you really think that every fucking musician out there is making millions of dollars, and therefore you get to take all the music you want for free?
FUCK. this is why you fucking idiots piss me off.  You justify your piracy by saying that there’s nothing to steal, yet, when you TAKE that music instead of PAYING an artist that deserves it (and I mean an independent artist, not fucking Kanye West or some shit), that artist makes no money, gets discouraged, and STOPS MAKING THE MUSIC YOU LIKE. The physicality of the product DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is the person who made it, and what it takes to make it. Do you think recording an album is cheap?  Do you think promoting it is cheap?  How about the music gear one has to purchase to make that music?  Or lessons to learn how to play it?  YOU FUCKING GODAMN IDIOT, DO YOU REALLY THINK EVERYTHING IS FUCKING FREE?
For fuck’s sake, PAY for some music sometimes.  it’s not a Commodity right that you’re entitled to.  It’s an art that takes PASSION, TIME, AND FUCKING MONEY to do.  Stop paying $90 a month in fake WOW cash, stop paying $20 to go see the latest hollywood dreck, Stop spending all your money on mass produced, flavorless BULLSHIT, and spend all of $5 on an independent artist (or even a major artist) you like.  It keeps them in business.
If you don’t, you stupid FUCKING MORONS, don’t be surprised when the only music you have to listen to is Brittney Spears.  VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS,  YOU GODDAMN FUCKING BACKWARD SHITEATING FUCKTARDS.

I really can’t deal with the idiocy of most morons sometimes.


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