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Is there any such thing as “Do no evil”?
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So I’m starting to wonder; is there any large corporation who is not a giant sack of shit in the long run?  Because it seems to me that, despite whatever polish a company puts onto their business plan, as soon as the money starts flowing in, everything goes to shit.

Google, a company that for the longest time proposed to “do no evil”, has managed to show that they are not so musch interested in not doing evil, as they are in making lots of money, and controlling people’s online data.

Apple, a company also started in a garage, and currently with more money in reserve than the federal government, has proven quite successful, although, let’s face it – with factories in China where people commit suicide on a consistent basis because of the demand to crank out shiny Apple gadgets, the company certainly isn’t “doing no evil” (not that it was ever in their business plan).

Facebook, it could be argued, was built on the mis-use of the confidence and energies of other people, in the name of an egomaniacal CEO with a brilliant, but sadly blurred, vision of what the users want, need, and deserve out of a service.

Microsoft, well, we all know about Microsoft  - however, they’re proving right now to be, strangely, the lesser of evils; at least, in the public eye.  But, let’s face it, Monopolies, crushing other companies and competition, antitrust issues; the list goes on.

This is just a musing, but I mean, really, do any of these companies ever stop to think that, despite their need to cater to their shareholders, they also have a responsibility to their users?  It really doesn’t seem so.  They play off this “Power to the users” BS time after time as their popularity builds, but then, as the money pours in like a waterfall, it becomes clear that these companies are driven by the whims of obscenely rich CEOs and the shareholders who hold them accountable for their many investments.

The same could be said, of course, for banks, governments, and beyond.  But that, my friends, is for another conversation.

We give these companies leeway because they offer services we very much so need, and often for free, and so, we allow them to step on the throats of their users; but Google is going too far at this point, I believe.  It’s becoming apparent, now, that Google very much so knows that they have your data by the binary balls.  Shit, even I am in that boat.  I use Google services for everything.  If google shuts down my Google account, I’m up a creek, plain and simple.  But do they have that right, just because I might choose to not use my real name in their services?  No.  They do not.  Am I doing anything illegal with my Google account?  No.  I don’t share secret information via my gmail account.  I don’t do anything illegal with my plus account.  But. Google is currently stating that not only can they lock you out of their so-called “social network”, they can lock you out of ALL OF YOUR DATA, just because a few people in their development and management team believe that they know what users want/need/deserve out of a service.

You are wrong, Google.  You are wrong, and while you will keep making so much money that it’s sickening, you will lose users as time goes on, and you will prove, yet again, that money corrupts.

Do us all a favor; take that “Don’t be evil” malarkey off your fucking business plan.  It’s obviously not true anymore.


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