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Join Me in Helping to Save Lonely, Miserable Elephant
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Mali is the Philippines’ only captive elephant—and perhaps one of the world’s saddest. In the wild, elephants roam territories of up to 50 kilometers every day, but Mali is confined to a very small enclosure at the Manila Zoo, which is only 0.055 square kilometers in total.

Every minute of every day, Mali is confined to a barren, concrete enclosure. She has lived this way for more than 36 years. She had been denied veterinary care and the company of other elephants.

But Mali has an opportunity for a second chance at life. A sanctuary can provide Mali with all the things that the Manila Zoo cannot. Despite a directive from the Office of the President stating that Mali’s health must be examined and that she must be considered for transfer to a sanctuary, Manila Zoo authorities are doing everything they can to delay her transfer. Take action now!


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