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last night’s show

Last night was an amazing show, and a big thanks to everyone who came out and made it happen.  Our venue changed at the last minute (and a big thanks to REVLIS for hosting us – thanks Nicole and crew!), and we still had a great turnout from some of our best fans (thanks Austin and crew!).  I’ve never signed someone’s head before!

I did double duty, drumming in Diverje and Vertigo Venus (back to back, no less!), and I held up a lot better than I thought I would, having not done it in awhile.  I think that my drumming is continuing to get much more controlled, and therefore, I’m feeling a lot better about my style as time goes on.

The night was comprised of awesome sets by Cranial smash device and Tripping Dogs, followed by Diverje, and a riotous set by us to finish it off.  Great DJ sets by Xibabalola and Marino.  Everyone moshing, jumping, going crazy for everything we threw at them, proving that we do indeed have the best fans ever.

Moreover, I have the best band, ever; with our venue being canceled last minute, Ken stepped up and scored Revlis to host us.  Chris and I got the word out.  Jeff as always kept everything together, and Jess, Jeff, Kenny and Chris rocked it getting gear loaded, setup, broken down, and more, when I wasn’t able to.  We truly are a great team.

Thank you, one and all.



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