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Monsoon 7 review
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I played a DJ set on Feb. 27th in Santa Fe, NM for Audiobuddha’s monthly series, “Monsoon”.  The event was at Cafe Phenix, a new cofeeshop in Santa Fe which recently garnered some praise from the NY Times.   A nice little place, I had a visuals stream going behind me which was good to add some ambience.

Audiobuddha did a dubstep/techno set leading up to mine, and got things going nicely.  I got to see some of my old friends who stopped in for my set, including Mario, Craig, Michael and Chris.  Even my sister made an appearance!

I had planned on doing primarily chillout for this set, but I ended up dropping a minimal techno set.  Unfortunately, my laptop and/or Ableton Live decided to bomb out on me multiple times in the middle of my set, with tons of audio dropouts.  I couldn’t fight it, so I had to work with it.  Luckily, most of the crowd was pretty forgiving.

The overall night was great, and Audiobuddha put on a great production.  I think this will grow to be a recurring series in Santa Fe.


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