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It’s been about ten years, tons of various releases, and now I’m finally doing a CD release.

It’s a CDr, yes… but I don’t personally want to release a full-on silverback CD right now.

The CD is nine tracks:

suddenly the next day (new recording, unreleased anywhere)
wake up call (unreleased via the net or anything else save for some live versions)
renovate (new, never heard unless you’ve seen me live recently)
mind and space
it’s computer time
welcome to postwar USA (feat. en esch)
against all odds
about 60 mins of music.
It’ll be $10 +$2 shipping if you’re somewhere else in the US. It will also be on iTunes and all that bullshit soon enough.

2 Comments to “My CD is FINALLY DONE!”

  1. Julian Carson says:

    New song (Welcome to Postwar USA) rocks! looking forward to hearing more. Thanks.

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