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New album: Almost done (Yes, finally)
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in case of revolution

Hey everyone, I want to thank you if you’ve pre-ordered my new record, “In Case of Revolution”. I assure you, I’m working on finishing it.  It ‘s been a bit of a battle, between losing some source material, and life been rather insane for awhile. O know it was supposed to be out a long time ago… but, I feel this is going to be a very good time to release this record, with the current upheaval I see happening in society and beyond.

Everyone who has pre-ordered is going to get some very special things from me when I ship it out. I just want you to know that your support really means a lot to me, because you’re a real supporter of music.

As soon as this record is done and in your hands, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you again for all your support of me and what I do.

You can still get the album here:



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