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oh, my
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The changes in my life have been many, many.

I don’t really want to go into particulars; if you’re someone who’d like to know the bulk of what has happened to me recently, you are free to call, or email me. Suffice to say, I have effectively rebooted my life. Leaving behind many things, I am in search of the happiness that I feel I deserve. I have found much of it, strangely, without having to search very far.

The only thing heavily paining me right now, strangely, is missing my dog and cat. I know that I will not have them in my life again, and that saddens me greatly.

I took a trip to LA in the past week, and enjoyed it greatly; escaping the streets of ABQ is a good thing. I was quite impressed by how well I was able to survive off of my G1 phone and its browser alone; the thing is a workhorse. It directed me over thousands of miles of driving, and many free apps made life even easier. I am also impressed with my car, which took the 3,000 plus miles very well, giving me no problems, and rocking along the whole way. VWs are amazing vehicles.

Music is going pretty well, working on the new Vertigo Venus album. Unfortunately, with my life as it is right now, I have been unable to work on new material of my own. I hope to change this soon.

I have also been watching the company I formerly contracted with, Koblo, implode upon itself. A lot of interesting bits coming out of this, and being hashed out at the forums at – it’s sad to watch something that could have been great become a wreck; however, all you can do is learn from this, I suppose.

As I recently read somewhere, as I go along, I realize that life is not about growing up, but learning to grow. I think this is more true now, than ever. Onward, ever onward.


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  1. JulianWolf says:

    Good to see you last night- poor poor keytar…

    On the topic of getting together so I can pick your brain about promoting oneself: I would happily take you out for coffee or have you over for a good home cooked meal. While I can’t pay you for your time with money, I can satiate thirst and/or hunger.

    Let me know what you think- I’m pretty easy to contact.

  2. Aloha Brian,
    I am inspired by your bravery to keep pushing on and search for and find the happiness you so deserve. It can be really hard to make that leap of faith.
    I have done it so many times and probably need to do it again but kinda scared for now.
    Sorry about your animals that’s an ouchie for sure,
    try what I do until i can get a new dog, see my goofy video on u tube

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