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Red Elvises w/Vertigo Venus @ Corazon 5/17 review

Red Elvises w/ Vertigo Venus, 5/17 @ Corazon (Santa Fe, NM)

Having never seen the Red Elvises, (which is sad, considering how often they make their way through Albuquerque), I was pretty psyched to get to finally catch a set by them (much less open for them!) I wasn’t let down in any way shape or form, that’s for damn sure. The last time a band got me this jazzed up was The Gluey Brothers reunion at Launchpad in December of ’09, and before that, I can’t even remember. I’ve rarely seen a band with this kind of energy and awesome skill on a stage at once. Igor’s one of the finest frontmen you could ask for, with a distinct ability to control a crowd. Oleg’s giant bass is actually outshined by his giant smile he flashes constantly while playing. Milka, on backup guitar/vocals, had a voice that you would never have expected to come out of her frame – like Tom Waits mashed up with an army of gospel singers, this girl delivered. Elena on keyboards was officially one of the most awesome keyboard players I’ve ever seen, with so much energy it almost hurt, I have no idea how she was able to do what she did in high heels. Finally, Kyle on drums held it down like a fucking metronome, and his drum solo was by far one of the most expressive and original I’ve ever seen.

In the two (yes, two) sets that the band played, they did everything from “Your love is better than Cocaine”, to “I wanna see you Bellydance”, and even the most amazing cover of Chris Iasaak’s “Wicked Game” I’ve ever heard.

I can’t wait to see this band again, they’re obviously hardworking and deserve all the success they’ve had. My only regret of the night? Forgetting my “Six String Samurai” movie poster to have the band sign :(

I should also make a mention of Corazon, which is officially one of my favorite venues in New Mexico. Mikey Baker is a man who knows how to run a quality space, with great staff and sound. This is a great club that I hope has much success.

I do understand that they’ll be back in September, though, so when they are, I urge you to see this band.


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