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Slick Idiot 6/1/10 show review

What a fucking sick show. The turnout was great (especially for a tuesday night in ABQ), with over 70 diehards coming out to make it happen. Slick Idiot killed it, despite the band being a little beat up thanks to health issues and such. A real pleasure to meet En Esch in person finally, I only wish I had a copy of my CD with the song we did together to give to him. I got into a few mosh pits, and got to beat myself up to “Godlike” and “A drug against war”. Reminded myself I’m human as I slammed against others and yelled lyrics at the top of my lungs. Had a great time opening with Vertigo Venus for the show, got to hear my new drumkit mic’d up and love love loved it.

Thank you to the Launchpad and Slick Idiot, you guys rock, and I hope we do it again soon.


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