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#SOPA and #PIPA: four letter words
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If you’re not aware of what SOPA and PIPA are, I offer you some reading material below. This is not a piece to deeply educate you on the matters; what I can say here has been said many times over on the net. What it is is a plea to you, dear reader, to consider what the Internet does for you in an average day; it connects you to your friends, your family. It gives you news, knowledge, entertainment, and information. For many, it makes them money, and lets them be self-sufficient (including myself). It is, by far, one of the greatest creations man has ever birthed, and it is still young. Yet, media corporations and politicians would like to see it neutered. SOPA and PIPA will do that.

I ask you to consider what your life would be like if the internet were a sterile environment, its information controlled by the highest bidder and what is allowed on it bought and sold. I ask you to fight against these proposed laws. I ask you to be educated and to take five minutes to call representatives, sign a petition, and tell a friend.

I ask you to help save the greatest tool for freely available information known to modern man.

Please read below to find more information, and take action. Thank you.

My Protest song against SOPA and the like:



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  1. thats a fucking UNREAL video :L?

  2. Interesting explanation. I love see clearly Marcy Lu

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