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Why we should remember Steve Jobs, *AND* those he worked with
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I’m not going to go into a history of Steve Jobs, or go on listing his many accomplishments. You can read all that on a billion websites out there, who will explain it better than me.

I will, however, say that his passing saddens me, as we watch the world of technology grow and change so rapidly. While I am not entirely fond of Apple as a company at times, nor do I consider myself an Apple fanboy, I have to give credit where it is due. I started using an apple IIe in elementary school, I learned BASIC, PASCAL, and other coding languages on one. I remember that familiar Apple boot tone so well that I can probably whistle it. I even used a piece of Apple’s 1984  commercial as the in introduction to a live set of mine, many years ago.

“And you’ll see why 1984, won’t be like 1984″.

Jobs changed a lot about computing, and how it affected the everyday person. For that, he deserves a mountain of respect. He built a company that now has more reserve cash than the federal government.  He knew how to seek out talent, and he knew how to use his.  He was hard nosed, stubborn, and outspoken.  He caught a lot of flack for these things, but then again, everyone who is successful does.

I think it’s important that we remember, as well, that Jobs didn’t do all of this alone. He worked with brilliant people through the years that helped to bring his visions to light.  This is something we must always remember; we can’t do it all ourselves.  We must enlist the help of others to reach our goals.  As we remember him, let us also remember those who have worked with him, who also deserve respect for the great things they’ve created.

As a geek, technolgist, and avid computer user, I will boot my macbook (and yes, My PC), with pride today, and hope that I am able to make a mark on the world as he did.

Godspeed, fellow geek. Make sure they design stuff right where ever you might go next.


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