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Electronic Musician, Drummer, Sound Designer and Technologist

Have you thought recently about how much Cloud based storage and devices/applications is affecting you, and how it will continue to do so as time goes on?  The implications are quite huge  With all this talk about Google Drive and so many new cloud-based services opening up, it’s on my mind a lot lately.  I [...]

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So, I just saw a really good point brought up by a user known as “Poco Yo” on Google +, with respect to being banned by Google+ for using a “fake” name. If someone uses Google checkout, then they must verify their identity using a credit card – Checkout does not use Paypal, last I checked, [...]

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So I’m starting to wonder; is there any large corporation who is not a giant sack of shit in the long run?  Because it seems to me that, despite whatever polish a company puts onto their business plan, as soon as the money starts flowing in, everything goes to shit. Google, a company that for [...]