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The future of America
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Here’s the deal, folks. No matter who goes into office, NOTHING will change unless YOU do something. NO ONE will “give” you jobs. No one will do anything for you. YOU have to do something for you. Want more jobs? Go to school, or start a company, and work for yourself. Go into your community and make things happen. Volunteer. Network. Get to know people who are working to make it happen.

Educate yourself. Stop believing that anything will be handed to you. It won’t ever be handed to you. Nothing that this country was founded on was handed to anyone. It was created, from the ground up, from working hard and believing in yourself.

Work hard. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Make it happen with the power of YOU, and the rest follows. Or, sit on your hands, whine, complain, and act like you deserve something without working, and watch nothing change.

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- brian botkiller


2 Comments to “The future of America”

  1. fjpoblam says:

    Fully agreed. ACTivism. Just do it. The best gift is the gift which is not a gift.

  2. brianbotkiller says:

    Damn right.

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