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Back in the 90s, I wrote this ranty piece about how the Internet could one day be owned by corporations. Turns out, 20 years later, I was right. Forgive the ranty nature of a 17 year old, but still – basically on point:

something has become very apparent to me in the past years that i have spent living on the internet, existing on this imaginary coil that we call technology. it’s something that everyone has heard me say many more times than once. that one thing is that knowledge is power. to know is to have a power that hundreds, perhaps thousands or even, dare i say, millions do not have. control over people is so easy. it used to be that it was very hard to control people. the only way was through fear, to make an entire group of people fear you, and in turn you now held the power. now, it’s much more easy. you want to control people? give them something, anything, that they will latch onto. advertisements, pornography, tv shows, cartoons about the president and what he did this week. the inner truth here is, in order to control people, really all you need is something that attacks their weakness.
I look around me everyday, and i realize that so many people don’t even read anymore. they only read what they HAVE to. the signs on the road. the menu in mcdonalds. the schedule for their favorite shows on the WB. no longer is reading a necessity, or even a hobby. it is now a commodity. take a poll (ha, how politically correct of me) of how many people would rather read tom sawyer on the printed page, of if, rather than that, they could just have it read to them on tape? odds are that they’re going to say that they would rather have it read to them. the human race is becoming lazy. we have a machine to do everything, and it’s beginning to make us lazy. technology is simply finding another way to do things, but when it becomes the only way to do things, that’s when we start to run into trouble.
what am i blabbering on about here? one thing. information is so easy to hide, its almost scary. the information about the JFK assassination does not need to be hidden behind locked doors, in computers with encrypted information that only a select few can access. nay, it merely needs to be said that “that information does not exist, or is not of importance to the public”. when did the public become a minority? last i checked, the general populace outnumbered the government or anyone else who thinks they make the decisions for us.
what are you going to do if the constitution is outlawed? what if you wake up one day to find out that the constitution has been re-written, and no one knew about it save a few corporate big-wigs and some high level government officials? are you going to sit back and just agree that, “that is the way things are”, or are you going to fight back? decisions are made everyday in which the people they affect are not included on the decision? why? because it’s simply easier to control people this way. what you don’t know, supposedly can’t hurt you. sad thing is, in the long run, it will.
you cannot solely rely on the news on the tv, the internet, the paper or the radio to govern what you think about the world around you. the only thing that can determine what you think about the world around you is YOU. stop being told what is true and what is true. most of what we are told is true is not. that should not be new news, especially in this day and age. there are people out there who have been so brainwashed that they do not believe the holocaust was a real thing. they think it was simply something on a show on NBC, or a story that Steven Spielberg came up with to make millions off a a movie with. you laugh now, but two generations from now, if information is not passed on, and made known, people in 20 years may not know of the injustices done to blacks during the days of slavery, or that there was more than one person who killed JFK, or that millions of people were killed in world war II because of what they looked like. they will simply think that all of these things were only stories told to them in school, things to be disregarded and replaced with the need to make money, to live the “american dream” of having a white picket fence house and 2 1/2 children. it’s true, and it’s scary.
the internet is a revolution. unfortunately, it is a revolution that could become another television network, owned in bits and pieces by corporations, split up for them to use for their own reasons, all of which come down to making money off of those people who do not know the truth of everything around them. fight it. fight it not only on the internet, but in the world, in your community. protest is a right, it says so in the constitution, so is freedom of speech. no longer is the “right to own firearms” the most important right granted to a person by that old piece of paper. rather, the most important right is that which allows you to question everything around you. one person can’t do it alone, but it only takes one person to start a revolution.



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