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Thoughts on Cecil the Lion
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I’m glad to see so many people outraged at the death of Cecil the Lion. Please keep this in mind:

Billions (Yes, billions) of animals are killed every year for food and by hunters who kill simply to kill. What happened to Cecil has been happening for years. If you are offended by this killing, I urge you to study up on what has happened to wildlife in Africa in general, especially in the past 30 years.

We need to make moves to protect the dwindling animal population ASAP, and that means all animals. Please, consider eating one less meal with meat, please think about where your food comes from, and please, use this as a launch point to become active in conservation and protection. If you are upset by this, you can help Wildlife protection groups, which are terribly underfunded and understaffed. All that money that that Dentist asshole paid to kill Cecil? That’s more than some Conservation groups have in a year to work with and protect animals. That tells you what we’re up against.

For my own part, I donate money regularly, and am doing so from my new album’s sales. When you buy IN CASE OF REVOLUTION from me this week, you’ll be supporting the work of Wildcru, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

Please, stay woke when it comes to this matter. It is of utmost importance.


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