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Thoughts on cloud services and the resources they’ll use
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Have you thought recently about how much Cloud based storage and devices/applications is affecting you, and how it will continue to do so as time goes on?  The implications are quite huge  With all this talk about Google Drive and so many new cloud-based services opening up, it’s on my mind a lot lately.  I think what I find scary about this is not so much that we rely on services of which we don’t have much control to store our data (that’s just a fact of life now, we have to live with it), but moreover the implications of how all of this will affect resources as we move forward in a world more and more connected, but with dwindling resources to keep these things connected.

We know that electricity is perhaps the greatest discovery/innovation of our time. It has changed everything about how we live, and without it, everything changes again.

We have to consider this as we move forward, because we won’t always have enough resources to make all these things work. We must explore other options for powering all these things, and for keeping them efficient.

What can we do to help in the meantime? Well, you may think it’s silly, but doing things like unplugging AC adapters when not in use can make a big difference.  Run your computers in power save mode when you can. Dim your 40 inch TV just a little bit. Ride a bike. Turn the damn AC off in your car or house every once in awhile, Realize that the earth isn’t here for your convenience and self-enjoyment; you’re here on it, and you’re lucky you are.

All I’m saying is; think.  Think about the long tail, think about the future. Someone has to.



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