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Thoughts on internet marketing for your band
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I’ve been using social networking hard for over eight years to promote my shows.  I had a myspace profile before myspace was myspace, and had it turned into a music profile the second I could do so. Social networking has always been a part of promoting my music.

I make heavy usage of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Youtube promoting my band, Vertigo Venus, and my solo project, brian botkiller, and it works.  I create a Facebook event for all my shows, and I invite people based on the region/area the show is going down in.  I keep facebook lists that sort my friends out based on their location, and send event invites to them.
I push hard on twitter, announcing the show, and talking to others about it.  You HAVE to interact!  Don’t just talk AT people.  Talk WITH people.  Ask them if they come to shows often, why they do, thank them for coming.  Make fans and friends, not just connections. The key is to interact.
Myspace is still great for booking shows and promoting; it has lost much of its steam, but you can’t ignore it, not if you’re a serious musician.
Doing vlogs on Youtube is very important, too, to talk about your shows and engage your fans.  Do giveaways and announcements via Youtube, and ask fans to interact with you.
And, keep a band blog, talk about what’s going on, what you’re doing, and THANK YOUR FANS!  They’re the reason you’re getting known and getting people at your shows.
That’s just some thoughts.  Hope you like them.

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  1. I think this whole point about not just using social media to yell “look at me, look at me” is very important and seems to escape many, many musicians. It’s exactly what Gary Vaynerchuk has been jumping up and down about trying to get through everybody’s thick skulls :-)

    Case in point: I asked you a question over at youtube, you replied, and this drove me to check out your website. That’s how it’s done, not by spamming people’s Twitter feed.

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