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Today is my birthday
Categories: animal rights, rants

Today is my birthday. If you want to get me a present, I invite you to do the following:

- My friend Dave Meyer is undergoing many surgeries due to illness at this time. He needs financial help. You can donate to helping him here:

- If you could donate just one dollar to a animal sanctuary or shelter, that would be great. Consider:

Animal Humane New Mexico, Trio Animal Foundation, Mercy For Animals, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Defenders of Wildlife, or any other animal support and outreach program. Just one dollar! It can make a difference!

- This woman is working to build a no kill animal shelter and is raiising money:

- Buy a CD from Tommy T Rapisardi and DSBP Records:

- Be nice to yourself, and to others around you.

Thank you all!


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