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Vertigo venus tour diary
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We’re on day 3 of our tinseltown takeover tour now; it’s been a lot of hard work, but we are doing great. Day 1 took us to phoenix AZ, and a show at chaser’s set up by our good friend Dave Strand. Day 2 took us to long beach for a show at que sera, a cool little bar in downtown long beach. The crowd was into what we had to bring, and we had good fun.

Day 3 took us to two shows in one day, firstly at the anarchy library, one of the most punk bars we’ve ever seen; the crowds were into us, and we dropped one of the most hardcore sets we’ve ever done. We then moved on to a second show at mr T’s lounge, a converted bowling alley in los angeles with one of the best sound guys I’ve ever seen.

The work has been hard on this tour, but we’re very proud of what we are doing. Tomorrow we will be in santa monica. You can alway keep up with us at , or here on our blog. Watch for more updates soon!


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